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How To Survive and Thrive In The Work Place
A Perspective on Workplace Mindset
God Has Not Promised the Sky Always Blue
Opened and Closed Doors
A Closed Door Could be a Blessing in Disguise
PSALM 23 (for the workplace)
"Real Boss" For the Workplace
Cup of Chocolate
Focus on the Chocolate, Not the Cup
The Wise Old Man
5 Guidelines to Happiness From An Old Wise Man
'GOD' Morning
Good, or shall I say 'God' Morning
Pray Before You Start to Work
Before Your Start Your Day, Try This!
Thank God
Don't Wait to Thank God...
What's Life Without Friends?
One Dollar And Eleven Cents
Believe in Miracles, This Little Girl Did
Daily Rules from God for 2008
2008 Rules To Live By
This Made Me Think of You
Thanks for being a True Friend!
From My House to Yours
Keep the Candle Alive...
Two Boxes
Count Your Blessings; Let Go of Your Sorrows
Need Washing?
Take Some Time, Run Through the Rain
God Said No
But Then, God Said, Finally You Have the Idea
The Choices We Make In Life
Choose Your Friends in Life, Carefully
Life's Chores
A Different Set of Chores
Memo From Our Boss
I Think You'll Really Like THIS Boss
You Say
You say this, and God says this